How do I Place an Order?

From our web-portal; select the items and indicate the quantity against each. We do not wish to be caught up with a stock-out situation after having been paid for an ordered item. Accordingly, based on your intent for order; we will earmark the intended item for you and confirm acceptance of the order requesting payment to be made.

After receipt of payment, we will ship the consignment within a period not exceeding six working days.

Who pays for freight?

Even your smallest of order is precious for us. But hard economics of trade compel us to pass-on freight charges to the buyer in the event the value of the order falls below US$200=00.

Accordingly, for an order valued at US$200=00 and above, we will absorb the freight charges. In case the value of the order falls below US$200=00; we will most reluctantly charge an additional 15% as freight.

The normal mode of shipping is through Express Mail Services under India Post.